Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The CTN Roadtrip and a Spring Pop-up Shop at BOLD LA

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to report that lately, I've been showing my work on the town. Here are some highlights from my recent adventures.

The CTN Roadtrip in downtown Burbank

We arrived a couple hours before it opened to set up. It's cool seeing the street empty, knowing that it will soon be decorated with artwork and bustling with people.

It all begins with a tablecloth.

We have TWO tablecloths! We're fancy like that. We even have a sign with our names on it! Fancy fancy!
All set up! Day one was pretty windy, so occasionally I weighed down my prints with little mirrors I brought for decoration. Still, my business cards really liked to visit Jordan's side of the table.

On day 2, I set up differently. Shuffle, shufflle, shuffle. Keepin' it fresh.
Time for a super pose! (And there on the right are Jordan's needle felted creations!)

What's this? Victor bought sushi for us!!! (It was a long day and we were so hungry. Protein bars only fill you so much.)

This caterpillar roll looked amazing! Inside was sea eel. <3 My favorite.

Sushi party. So good!
The CTN Roadtrip was a fun time and a gave me a boost in confidence. <3 I wrote lots of ideas in my journal- ideas for table setups, artwork, marketing, etc. Talking with attendees was really nice, and of course, doing these things with friends makes a world of difference. So many positive vibes.

A Spring Pop-up Shop at BOLD LA

For this show, we needed to provide our own table and chairs, so the car was really packed! Our suitcases of art were in the trunk.
Maybe I'm weird, but I like to document (and marvel at) how I pack my suitcases and boxes. I try to be efficient. This time, I packed a lunch and TWO bottles of water, which were much needed!

At this show, I had a little side table for my jewelry. :)

Here we are at BOLD LA in downtown LA. (We put our white tablecloth on the window because the sun was INTENSE!) Feeling fine, feelin' fierce. 

 The Spring Pop-up Shop was a much smaller event than the CTN Roadtrip and the marketing was entirely up to the artists and vendors involved. (*cough cough* Next time, I'll advertise for it a little more.) I actually didn't sell a single thing, but that's ok. It was fun hanging out. I get the feeling that this sort of thing can be hit or miss. It all depends on who's there and what you're selling. :) We can only hope to unite people with art they'll love!

Here's an advertisement I made for the Spring Pop-up Shop. Magic crystals and mermaids!

Next up, I'd like to open an online shop. I'm currently researching and trying to decide what e commerce platform to use. There are so many! Etsy, Shopify, Society6, RedBubble, storenvy, Squarespace... Wish me luck! ^_^

By the way, if you're interested, you can check out Jordan's work over at MtMarten on Etsy and http://www.jordananimation.com/.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


A little portrait of me and my love, Justin.

We share laughs, we share tears. We share thoughts, even fears. We're always discovering, learning, and growing. Let's grow together always, like two flowers side by side in a garden. We can share sunlight, rain, and bees. We can cuddle up against each other in the breeze.

"Birds" in a Nest

My mom requested a picture of me and my siblings in a bird's nest, because she says that when we call out to her -- "Ma! Ma! Ma!" -- we sound like little birdies.