Saturday, June 9, 2012

Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu, in all her loveliness. <3

I started this piece with the intention of doing a simple flat color style, like below. What I envisioned as the end result wound up as only a stepping stone in the process. ^^

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Opera Sketches ~ The Giver

The Minnesota Opera's production of The Giver was very enveloping. I tried to document a bunch of cool moments in gesture drawings and I couldn't help but jot down a lot of the intriguing dialogue, too. Here they are- cropped and assembled chronologically.

It looks like blogger doesn't allow you to zoom in on this. Sorry about that! You can see all the details if you visit my DeviantArt! :)

I thought this moment was really funny and cute! --In a grey world, the main character starts to see colors here and there. His friend must have thought he was really weird when he reached out to poke her!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thor and Loki

I'm quite fond of the Princes of Asgard... <3 Daydream doodles.

Life Drawings

It's been a while since I've attended life drawing sessions aside from Dr. Sketchy's! These are 2 and 5 minute sketches. I like finding gestures, but I struggle with longer poses. I'd rather capture the acting than the details of the form... That says a lot about what I need to learn! I will be attending many life drawing sessions this summer.