Saturday, October 9, 2010

24 Hour Comics Day 2010

This year, the folks of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy held the 24 Hour Comics Challenge at the  Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Oct 2-3, 10AM-10AM. The local art supply store Wet Paint was also present, with a station set up to sell supplies, and they even gave away free bristol and pens to all participants! Overall, the hospitality was great-- I felt very comfortable and welcome. After meeting these people, I definitely plan on attending some of the Cartoonist Conspiracy's monthly jam comic sessions.

I'm proud to say that this was my first time completing all 24 pages-- and in 23 hours, since I arrived late! Here was my strategy for the 24::

I took a short story approach, which kept it fresh, versus attempting to stay interested in a single narrative for 24 hours. This was a big key to my success. Also, I drew directly from my own experiences, illustrating tales from my past, instead of trying to develop characters and stories from scratch. Thirdly, I chose my materials wisely. Among the free tools that Wet Paint gave away was the Pentel Stylo pen. More flexible than a felt-tip micron, I found this tool efficient enough to replace my nib pens in most situations, which really sped up the process. Beforehand, I also scanned a blueline page template and printed 24 copies at a smaller, more workable size.

So,  here are the results of my day. I hope they make you smile! :)

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