Thursday, January 20, 2011

Akira Fan Art

For last week's "AKIRA" themed fanartfriday.

 It’s Tetsuoooo! I had to watch the movie again, and I’m glad that I did. Last time I saw it, I was pretty little! I didn’t remember how dark and gritty it is. Really, the only image that stuck with me over the years was Tetsuo growing large and out of control. But… I thought I’d draw him keeping his cool. ;)

I did two versions. The inked one came first. Then, I decided to try out some watercolor. I don't work in color as often as black and white, so I'm still learning how to scan and adjust it properly! I hope it looks ok! :)


  1. I like the background cosmic buisness! and my scanner is crap with watercolors. Yours looks very good!

    I also like hoe the cape create the border. very niiiiceeee. =)

  2. Thanks, Lilly! That's super reassuring about the colors! ^^