Sunday, February 6, 2011

Comic Artists at the Opera

Last week, I was invited to the final dress rehearsal of Mary Stuart as performed by the Minnesota Opera at the Ordway theater! I was invited there... to draw! Hosted by Tempo and a group of local comic artists called the Black Hat Collective, it was the first event of it's kind, and undoubtedly not the last. Here are Tempo's blog posts about the event- post #1, post #2, post #3.  I love to see what my fellow Minnesotan comic-ers have done!

The singers were powerful and moving. The whole experience was magnificent and I felt honored to be a special little part of it, hidden away in the audience with my booklight and sketchbook. It was kind of difficult to draw because of the complex costumes (which I love!!), and the fact that they were a bit of a distance away and kept moving. Then again, they couldn't move too much in those heavy gowns, so... excuses, excuses. Here are two ink drawings that I made from a couple of the sketches I did that evening. My heart goes out to those that made it all possible! Thank you!

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