Friday, October 26, 2012

Anime Fusion 2012

Dennis Lo and I... waiting for hoards of fans to arrive.

Anime Fusion was a brand new convention this year. It was a wee bit small, but a fun time nonetheless! I was happy to be table-mates again with my friend, Dennis Lo. We set up our comics and prints early each day, then sat and watched the flow of costumed con-goers drift by. Dennis would occasionally pick on them, for fun.

Super Sailor Moon stopped by our table
I got to do a couple of commissioned pencil drawings. It's such a pleasure to do commissions-- especially when traffic around the table is slow. I love that there's been so much room for interpretation in all of the commissions I've done! It's a special feeling knowing that a person doesn't just want a drawing of a character; they want your style and the spin that you can put on it!

My Human Fluttershy
 A guy asked me to interpret Fluttershy as a human. She's a pony character from the new My Little Pony Series, called Friendship is Magic. It's very popular, because it's a fun and sweet show! The ponies are a cute anime-influenced style. This guy told me that he always gets a new drawing of Fluttershy done at each convention he goes to. I love the idea of collecting drawings from all sorts of artists with the same subject matter! How fun is that? It demonstrates a lot of love and devotion!

Conventions can feel long when you're sitting for hours with little sleep and little coffee, but afterward, you look back and it seems that it all just flew by. This artist alley was full of great talent and personalities. I was psyched to meet local artists Doua Jai Yang and Meng Wang, to once again see Leandra Cota, and to be neighbors with Kaycie Dunlap, who I fatefully met just under a week prior! Kismet, huh? Jen Reihm was there, too- sporting her Derpy Hooves costume and her perfect Fuu (Samurai Champloo). Thank you all for making the con colorful, fun, and inspiring! <3

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