Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Commission Examples



These are some sketches that I did up to represent commissions that I can offer while at conventions. They're 3.5 x 5 inches, and the paper is from a nice little Strathmore pad. I suppose it's kind of a strange size... I'll probably just chop that extra half inch from now on and make it 3 x 5.

I tried out some new things on these sketches. First, I used 2B pencil in conjunction with yellow mechanical pencil lead. I think I like it? Not sure yet. It's nice to work with, but in the end maybe it doesn't look as clean as straight up graphite. I did the inking with a pitt pen and pentel pocket brush, because I'm still debating whether it would be a good idea to bring my india ink and quill pen to artist alley. I wouldn't want to spill anything! And lastly, Strawberry Shortcake was colored with copics, prismacolor, and tria markers. Markers are such a new thing to me! I only recently acquired a decent amount of them, so I'm just now starting to color things. I'm a marker newbie!

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