Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dr Sketchy's Sept.'12

Life drawings I made during last month's Dr Sketchy's. The colored pencil drawings on the left are one-minute sketches. The center two were drawn during a 15 minute pose. The rightmost drawing, I had a whole half hour to do. I never know quite what to do with all that time-- so I normally just draw the pose twice. So much to learn! Dr Sketchy's is always my favorite life drawing session. Pretty ladies,  with costumes and without, are just so fun to draw! This model's name is Electro-Cute. During the one-minute poses, she wore a gorgeous black sequin dress, had a long fur draped over her, and wore a stack of ten or so pearl necklaces! (Perhaps you can see the necklaces real lightly in my sketches? They're massed together into a scarf-like clump.) The thing about Dr Sketchy's is that there's never enough time to draw the costume before the model takes it off. Which is good, because it keeps you focused on drawing the figure!

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